A 30 point Progressive Advertising Sales Course for All Advertising Salespeople

It's convenient to have a third party provide sales training for you, but in reality, your're only getting maybe 2-3 learning topics a year and in many cases in a webinar format where the instructor is reading from copy slides and the participants can't verbally interact with the instructor. In a tele-seminar format, there is much more Q/A verbal interaction between the participants and the instructor

Now There Is A Better Way

A new tele-seminar sales training program "Getting New Business and Keeping It" presented by Bob Berting with 30 learning points, divided into 3 one hour segments:

BRONZE  - Developing Successful Solicitation

This is a 3 call selling strategy. Most advertising sales activity takes too much time and effort. This is a structured and scripted plan to alleviate a lot of wasted time.

SILVER — Selling Against Media Competition / Creating Eye-catching Ads

Ad salespeople need to be more aware of their media competition. Many sales are lost because they can’t effectively counteract competing media. The ability to know ad design is critical . The salesperson must be able to communicate proper ad design with the customer and then convey that information to the layout artist.

GOLD — Working with Hard to Please Customers / Selling Merchant Groups and Ad Agencies.

One of the biggest challenges to ad salespeople is knowing how to work with hard to please customers. There are specific responses to know and how to effectively present them in a way that will alleviate future communication problems. Knowing how to sell bigger chunks of business is vitally important and the ability to sell merchant groups like business communities, shopping centers and small towns can produce those bigger chunks. Ad agency contact can be difficult for the ad salesperson. There needs to be a long range plan of persistent effort with a heavy dose of creativity to build relationships and attract the agency to your publication.

​Special Bonus for buying all 3 sessions:
One-hour phone consultation with Bob Berting
Complimentary download of Bob's new e-book "Advanced Selling Skills For The Advertising Sales Pro"

The program will run Thursdays - November 6-13-20, 2014, at 4:00 pm EST

Registration deadline for all segments is October 24, 2014.
Reference materials will be e-mailed to participants in advance of each segment.​

About the Presenter, Bob Berting:

Bob is a newspaper marketing consultant and Sales Trainer, newspaper sales Seminar and workshop leader, columnist in many newspaper trade publications, and has conducted over 1500 live seminars and tele-seminars for advertising sales staffs, their customers, and print media associations.​ Bob's is the author of, "Dynamic Advertising Sales and Image Power" and "Advanced Selling Skills for the Advertising Sales Pro"

For more information about this program please use the contact info. below:
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