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"Smart Customer Connections for Advertising Salespeople "

  • This 4th e-book by Bob is for the advertising salesperson who wants to build better connections with their customers, especially in stressful times of lost advertising revenue
  • Let Bob’s expertise in advertising sales be the guide for advertising salespeople to be a trusted advisor who can work with their customers in very innovative and creative ways
  • This 12 chapter e-book will help to increase sales and build the image of publications in the print media industry.

"Power Selling Tools For The Advertising Sales Consultant"

  • Bob’s e-book is designed for the advertising salesperson to be known as an advertising sales consultant
  • Let Bob’s experience and superior know-how help you achieve more business for your publication
  • You’ll greatly benefit from the wisdom of one of America’s top advertising sales expert

"Advanced Selling Skills for the Advertising Sales Pro"

    • Let Bob’s experience be your guide for the best in advertising sales and image power
    • Valuable tips for the entry level advertising salesperson
    • Advanced selling techniques for the experienced advertising sales pro
    • A valuable guide to breaking old habits with increased self discipline

    "Dynamic Advertising Sales and Image Power"

    • Designed to help advertising salespeople increase their sales and image power more effectively and creatively.
    • Bob can help advertising counselors to have a strong desire which will carry them through negative pitfalls to greater sales success.
    • Practical how –to tips for the new or veteran salesperson

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    Don't miss these 4 best selling books by author Bob Berting. Bob's first book, "Dynamic Advertising Sales and Image Power" is a best seller and is a sought after resource for rookies and experienced advertising sales pros. Bob's second book has become a go-to reference guide for advertising sales pros as well. With the release of Bob's third book, "Power Selling Tools for the Advertising Sales Consultant", Bob is providing great solutions for the advertising sales consultant in today's media world. Bob's 4th e-book is a great guide for advertising salespeople to have smart connections with their customers" 

    Bob is a newspaper marketing consultant and Sales Trainer, newspaper sales Seminar and workshop leader, columnist in many newspaper trade publications, and has conducted over 1500 live seminars and tele-seminars for advertising sales staffs, their customers, and print media associations.

    Praise for Bob Berting

    Author, Bob Berting

    He offered solid steel sales tools our salespeople can use every day.

    Our pleasure and opportunity was to be influenced by his extensive newspaper and ad agency experience.

    His real life sales experiences were extremely helpful to our salespeople.